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A Trail Goes Cold

So these two guys walk into a bar.

Actually, I was one of them. It was the end of a conference in Minneapolis last fall, and I had to kill time (and find food) while I was waiting for a colleague to finish a meeting. So I grabbed lunch at a bar and struck up a conversation with the guy next to me.

He and I really hit it off. We talked movies, politics, and books. Lunch passed quickly. At the end we shared what we did for work. When he said he was a criminal lawyer, he saw me do a bit of a double-take. (He seemed used to that reaction.) So he said, in an obviously practiced response: “Remember: criminal lawyers are civil. Civil lawyers are criminal.”

A good line, with all due apologies to you civil lawyers out there.

So here’s my parallel reminder when thinking about charitable foundations: Private foundations are public. Public foundations are private. Continue reading

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