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Point, Counterpoint

Dear Readers:

You may be familiar with epistolary novels – that is, novels told entirely in letters between the characters.

Today is an epistolary blog post. My first! (Perhaps yours as well?)

Here’s the background:

Back in May, the Chronicle of Philanthropy published an opinion piece by me criticizing the growth of donor-advised funds, particularly those run by Wall Street. Unless you have a subscription to the Chronicle, you’ll have a hard time accessing that original piece on line, but if you’re curious, in many ways it’s a recast and updated version of Deluge, a blog post of mine dating from January.

In July, Douglas Kridler, the CEO of the Columbus Foundation, published a letter to the editor in the Chronicle criticizing my piece. And in the August 11 edition, the Chronicle published my response to Mr. Kridler.

Feel free to click on the links to the Chronicle site, or you can read the two letters, in sequence, below.

I’m honored to be in the middle of this national conversation. Clearly, I think it’s an important issue – and apparently others do, on both sides. Continue reading

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