Alan Cantor believes that there are certain truths about nonprofit organizations, but they need to be adjusted for the environment, the community, and the institution.

Al understands that each organization has its own distinct culture. Even as he proposes changes in the way an organization does business, he recognizes and respects its history and tries to build upon its strengths. One size does not fit all. An Ivy League university and a small-town historical society are both nonprofits, but clearly what they need and how they go about their business could not be more different. Your organization has its unique needs and challenges. Al helps you implement solutions that are right for you.

Al helps organizations take an objective view of how they have been conducting their business. Certain activities are undertaken every year – but are they worth doing? More to the point, what isn’t being done because less productive activities are monopolizing the time of the staff and board? Al helps CEOs and other staff and board members reorder their priorities so their time is used effectively.

Al is deeply familiar with the interface of nonprofits and donors. He has three decades of experience in translating the needs and priorities of charitable organizations into language that connects with donors and funders. He helps nonprofits build strategies that develop and strengthen those relationships.

Al works to build close and trusting relationships with clients. He is tireless at spending time, one-on-one and in groups, with staff and board members. He is an engaging and lively facilitator, helping participants work through difficult challenges. He uses humor to lighten the mood and illustrate a point. And he remembers, at all times, that the work is about the organization and its needs, not about him. Al finds solutions that make sense for the client.

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Thoughts on the Nonprofit World