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Alan Cantor spent nearly three decades in the nonprofit sector before founding Alan Cantor Consulting LLC in January 2012.

In 1985, at age 26, he was named executive director of the Mayhew Program, an agency working with at-risk New Hampshire boys. At the time, Mayhew was in a weak condition, with a skeleton staff and less than $5,000 in its bank accounts. A decade later, the organization could boast of ten consecutive balanced budgets, an endowment of nearly $2 million, and a greatly expanded and improved program and enrollment. Al directed an emergency rebuilding effort in 1990 to replace the organization's main building after a disastrous fire. He returned to Mayhew as a trustee several years after leaving the staff and later served as board president.

From 1995 to 2001, Al worked at the New Hampshire Charitable Foundation, serving as a senior foundation officer and vice president. Al designed, developed, and directed the Foundation's gift planning program, gaining a reputation for his expertise in explaining, attracting, and executing planned gifts.

From 2001 to 2011, Al served as vice president for philanthropy at the New Hampshire Community Loan Fund, overseeing gifts, grants, and investments. During his time at the Community Loan Fund its assets grew from $17 million to $74 million. In the final two years of his tenure, Al directed the Campaign for Opportunity, the first campaign of its type among loan funds in the nation, which raised $2.2 million in permanent capital from individuals and an additional $1.1 million match from the Ford Foundation and another funder.

Since 2012, Al has worked as a consultant focusing on helping community-based nonprofits be more effective. He has facilitated strategic retreats, conducted development and strategic assessments, trained staff and board members, conducted campaign feasibility studies, mentored CEOs, presented at conferences, and written widely on the challenges facing the nonprofit sector.

Al's expertise was gained from being in the field. He has sat in the living rooms of hundreds of donors and has spent countless hours on both sides of the board table. He brings pragmatism and perspective to his consulting practice.

Al is a 1980 graduate of Harvard University, with a bachelor's degree in Slavic Languages and Literatures. He and his wife Pat, a professor at Plymouth State University, live in Concord, New Hampshire. They have two adult children who live in San Francisco and New York City. In addition, Al currently serves as the President of the NH & VT Council of Charitable Gift Planners.

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