Alan Cantor helps nonprofits be smarter, more strategic, and more successful.

Al knows that each institution is unique, with its own culture, history, personality, and challenges. He does not take a cookie-cutter approach. Rather, he offers a fresh perspective and solutions that are effective for the specific needs of each client.

In his work, Al draws from over 35 years of experience in the field as a nonprofit executive, board member, and consultant. He helps organizations understand their challenges and create pragmatic and effective solutions.

Additionally, Al writes, speaks, and presents widely on critical issues facing the nonprofit world.

Al has keynoted nonprofit conferences around the country; he has written opinion pieces for leading nonprofit journals; he has been quoted in national publications from the New York Times to Barron’s to The Atlantic; and he produces a widely-read blog on this site. Al is a keen observer of the nonprofit world and thoughtfully analyzes the interplay of funders, charities, policy, and psychology. In his writing and speaking, Al draws on history, literature, personal experience, and the wisdom of his grandmother. He has been called provocative, brave, insightful, and entertaining.

Whether speaking to the board of directors of a small nonprofit organization or a conference of 400 professionals, Al works to be candid, yet diplomatic. He helps clients confront and solve their most significant challenges. In his speeches and essays, he is not shy about pointing out the problems in philanthropy, but he also offers solutions.

“Al Cantor worked wonders at our board retreat. We had a challenging structural governance issue to address and we were able to resolve it effectively. Best of all, the board members felt comfortable with Al’s leadership. His sense of humor, enthusiasm and ability to keep the conversation on track made the experience of working through the problem a pleasure.”

Anne Galloway,
Executive Director

Vermont Journalism Trust


Alan Cantor spent nearly three decades in the nonprofit world before founding Alan Cantor Consulting LLC in 2012.


Alan Cantor believes that there are certain truths about how charitable organizations should operate, but also that each institution is unique.


Alan Cantor is an influential writer and a sought-after speaker on issues facing the nonprofit world.