Alan Cantor helps nonprofit organizations realize their full potential.

These are challenging times. Nonprofits face a rising demand for services, stiff competition for funding, increasing reporting requirements, and ever more discriminating donors. They also are dealing with an economy that is far from robust.

Nonprofits need to ask themselves: Are we well positioned for these challenges? Are the staff and board structures we built in earlier years still effective? Is our mission still relevant? Should we narrow or alter or expand our programming? Should we merge with another organization? How do we distinguish ourselves? How do we win attention and earn support?

Al Cantor works with organizations so they can find answers to these hard questions. He helps nonprofits realign themselves, to recognize their place in a changing environment. He also helps them understand how to build relationships with donors and how to use their time effectively and efficiently in raising funds.

Al draws from over three decades of experience as a nonprofit executive, board member, and consultant. He is known for his objectivity, candor, and humor, and he has a proven ability to encourage people to embrace a different, better route.

Al has meanwhile emerged as a thought leader in the field of nonprofits and philanthropy: an engaging writer, a frequent contributor to national journals, and an effective and memorable speaker and presenter.

Al knows that each organization is unique, with its own culture, history, personality, and challenges. He does not take a cookie-cutter approach, laying down a template into which organizations must fit. Rather, he offers a fresh perspective and solutions that are effective for the specific needs of each client.

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